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Refrigerant compressors work by taking in low pressure gas on the inlet and compressing it mechanically. Different types of compression mechanisms are what differentiate compressors.

Evaporator Unit

An evaporator is a device used to turn the liquid form of a chemical, in this case coolant, into its gaseous form. The liquid is evaporated, or vaporized, into a gas, which absorbs heat in the process.

Fan Motors

Fan Motors are used in both mechanical and air-moving applications, including fans, air conditioners, heaters, pumps and compressors.

Copper Tube / Fittings

Copper tubes and fittings are designed for plumbing, heating and air-conditioning use.

Refrigeration Oil

Refrigeration oil lubricates the moving parts of a refrigerator, minimizing friction, preventing wear and tear, creating a fluid seal, and acting as a coolant in the compressor.

Cold Room Components

Cold rooms can be seen in supermarkets, hotels, and processing plants. These are its components.

Ventilation Diffuser

Ventilation diffusers are designed for air supply and exhaustion in ventilation and air-conditioning installations. This gives the possibility of air distribution in one or more directions.

Insulation Materials

Insulation materials are used in the construction or retrofit of buildings. The materials are used to reduce heat transfer.

Electrical Components

Various electrical components are used to repair, refine or upgrade cooling systems.

Flow Control

Flow control involves the influx of hot and/or cold fluids, controlled by valves in air conditioning and heating systems.

Refrigeration Tools

Refrigeration tools are used in performing preventive maintenance and repair on air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, and automotive air conditioner.